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SAVE UR HIDE PREMIUM COWHIDE CLEANER (32 oz) – SUHQT1 (Click to add to cart)


THIS CLEANER IS AMAZING!!!  WE’VE TESTED IT TO MAKE SURE WE HAVE THE PERFECT PRODUCT AND WILL NEVER BE WITHOUT IT IN OUR HOME!!  We would never offer any product to our valued customers if we were not 100% sure of the quality.

Save Ur Hide (SUH) Cowhide Cleaner works like an oxygen bomb.  It penetrates the stain, turns it into a gas, extracts it layer by layer, The stain evaporates along with the solution.  NO NEED TO SCRUB OR WIPE!  NO NEED TO VACUUM OR CLEAN UP AFTERWARDS. Once stain/odor are extracted, it never comes back, unlike with sticky detergent cleaners.  SUH is 100% Non-Toxic, pet and kid friendly.

Save Ur Hide is not only for pet urine, spray, feces, and vomit.  It attacks other organic matters such as drink/food stains, blood, red wine spills, makeup, ink and more.  

Instructions included.  100% satisfaction guaranteed. ALWAYS TEST A SMALL AREA BEFORE USING ON ANY MATERIAL.

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