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Are Cowhides a Good Choice for Children and Pets?

Typically children and pets love cowhide rugs. The soft hair and ‘fun’ patterns are sure to please. However, dogs and cats may initially be reserved due to the unfamiliar smell of the hide, and even choose to walk around it rather than step on it. Most pets will overcome their fear and enjoy curling up for a nap on the soft cowhide and do not chew or otherwise damage it, but caution should be used with any pet that habitually chews or damages furniture and especially puppies who will chew anything, including your new cowhide rug! Another benefit of cowhide is the natural texture on the underside which is useful in preventing slipping or shifting, especially on hard floor surfaces. So go ahead – spice up your style with cowhide!

Will a Cowhide Rug Work With My Decor?

Once the staple of hunter’s cabins and a tycoon’s Texas ranch, cowhide rugs have transitioned to downtown lofts and luxury mansions. Now, more than just a trend, cowhide rugs are making their way into condos and suburban family homes. Their natural, organic quality works well with any decor. Just like blue jeans, cowhides look at home in causal environments or as a dynamic compliment to more formal decor. Your color selection will also impact how the cowhide blends with your interior decor. Solid tones, or dyed rugs in black, white or brown are luxurious as a backdrop to formal or neutral decor. Classic cow pattern varies from traditional black/white, brown/white spots or markings, to exotic looking speckled and brindle hides. For the more daring, try ‘exotic’ prints of zebra, tiger or other wild animal motifs on cowhide.

Caring for your Cowhide – Video

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